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manufacturer based in greece

Innovative Designs Meet Exceptional Manufacturing.

From Design To Concept.

— about us

we master the art of crafting exquisite silver and gold plated items , setting new standards of quality and elegance.​

— Dedicated to deliver Quality Products

— Our Services

01. Custom design and production

higher standard production.

Creating world-class Wedding Sets

01 01

Design High Quality

Experience unparalleled craftsmanship and uncompromising quality in every detail..

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Best warranty stand out.

Industry-leading warranty, ensuring lasting satisfaction and support for your treasured wedding investments.

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Fast delivery, grow with us fast.

Get your dream wedding essentials delivered promptly, ensuring your big day unfolds seamlessly and on time.

Experts in Ramadan Luxury: Gold & Silver.


For over 45 years we are led by our belief in producing the best quality in our products in firm belief that details matter! For some it’s just a product.
For us , it is our passion.
A passion we would like to share with you.

Years of history.

The company operating since 1978 and considered one of the leading companies specialized in luxury golden and silver items.

Unique Products.

Where excellence in design and production meets unparalleled craftsmanship.

A dedicated group of imaginative minds and skilled artisans.

We are committed to sustainability, ensuring our production methods align with environmental standards and ethical practices.

— Why Leading

We Respect The Environment


We believe luxury items shouldn’t cost the Earth.


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